The Record – Winter 2020

The Record is St Vincent de Paul Society’s national quarterly magazine focusing on social justice issues such as homelessness and poverty. Contributors include policy experts, academics and members of the Society.


  1. President’s Column, Claire Victory.
  2. National Council Strategic Plan 2020, Warwick Fulton
  3. The Rule: National Council seeks input on proposed new provisions
  4. Our Members are resilient: Rallying around the Illawarra, Robin Osborne
  5. Vinnies: Helping refugees and advocating for their rights, Tim McKenna
  6. Prime Minister urged to explore options for long term relief for unemployed
  7. People need enough to live on and a place to call home
  8. HomeBuilder package misses the mark
  9. COVID-19 Youth Initiative Victoria, Bao Nguyen
  10. Canberra Goulburn Vinnies Youth Members on the Front Line, Gwendolyn Goon
  11. The Call to Flexibility, Sr Therese Haywood DC
  12. Our Members in WA Thinking Outside the Square: Car Boot Food Appeal, Deanna Watson
  13. Vinnies adopts National Catholic Safeguarding Standards, Judith Tokley
  14. Queensland Vinnies: Leadership in Challenging and Changing Times: Modelling Vincentian Spirituality, Samantha Hill
  15. National Council: Reflecting on our members’ good works, Toby oConnor
  16. National Council: Emergency Relief, Patrick McKenna
  17. Our members walking alongside bushfire affected communities, Rose Beynon
  18. Falling between the cracks
  19. The advocacy voice of our members,Rose Beynon
  20. Vinnies joins call for bipartisan anti-racism strategy
  21. Overseas Project, Jude Blacklock
  22. Anti-Poverty Week – 11-17 October 2020 Toni Wren
  23. I get knocked down, but I get up again, and again, and again…, Cassandra Bull
  24. Vinnies Victoria certified carbon neutral, Dee Rudebeck
  25. Vinnies CEO Sleepout succeeds against the odds, raising $5.7m for homelessness


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