The Record – Summer 2018-2019

Cover: The Records Summer 2018-2019, St Vincent de Paul Society

The Record is St Vincent de Paul Society’s national quarterly magazine focusing on social justice issues such as homelessness and poverty. Contributors include policy experts, academics and members of the Society.

The editor of the Summer 2018–2019 issue is Rebecca Comini.

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  1. The ‘courageous hope’ that drives us, Graham West
  2. ‘We are all in this together’: NSW Vinnies Drought Appeal
  3. Wages too low to alleviate childhood poverty
  4. Addressing the scourge of modern slavery
  5. Modern slavery is a crime against humanity, Pope Francis
  6. Vincentians for life – what’s your purpose?, Keenan Klassen
  7. Fashionable bargains flaunted first ‘Dressed by Vinnies’ Day
  8. ‘Angels with scissors’ a cut above the rest
  9. Manus has taught us patience, Rebecca Lim
  10. Highlighting the plight of the Manus refugees, Abigail Seta
  11. Animated learnings, Mario Trinidad
  12. A step towards freedom, Mrigakshi Yadav and Shikshya Thapa
  13. Latest tariff-tracking report shows energy bills continue to rise, Gavin Dufty
  14. Vinnies – Saviour of the lost and forsaken, Fr Troy Bobbin


‘Metaphorical marbles’, Marie Casamento SGS
‘Last letter’, Jan Price


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The Record, Summer 2018-2019 (1MB)

Summer 2018-2019 cover



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