The Record – Spring 2018

It's time to raise Newstart.


The Record is St Vincent de Paul Society’s national quarterly magazine focusing on social justice issues such as homelessness and poverty. Contributors include policy experts, academics and members of the Society.

The Editor of the Spring 2018 issue is David Halliday.

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  1. Editor’s note, David Halliday
  2. Mission and values: State President WA Gladys Demissie
  3. Increase in Newstart Long Overdue, John Hewson
  4. The cost of living, Juanita McLaren
  5. Year of youth: young member spotlight
  6. Time for a lift: Australian Council of Social Service, Dr Cassandra Goldie
  7. Going hungry in the lucky country, Brianna Casey
  8. Advocating for a strong social safety net, Kym Duggan
  9. Campaigning from below: The AUWU battle of raise Newstart, Jeremy Poxon
  10. Spring – The season of starting over, Ann Rennie
  11. Budget standards research on the adequacy of Newstart Allowance, Peter Saunders
  12. Capturing poverty, Julia Martin, SilverSun
  13. Income, inequality and health, Sharon Friel
  14. A fair day’s pay: for the dignity of workers and the good of all, Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen
  15. Vinnies 2020: Our plenary councils, past and future, Nick Brodie
  16. Stories about life on the Breadline, Colleen O’Sullivan
  17. Our own ways of giving back: QLD State President Dennis Innes
  18. Newstart: Stories from the conferences



Download The Record in PDF for offline reading.

The Record, Spring 2018 (PDF 3 MB)

The Record | cover: It's time to raise Newstart.

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