The Record – Autumn-Winter 2019

The Record cover - image of coloured pencils.

The Record is St Vincent de Paul Society’s national quarterly magazine focusing on social justice issues such as homelessness and poverty. Contributors include policy experts, academics and members of the Society.

The editor of the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue is Rebecca Comini.


  1. Frontlines: A never-ending journey of renewal and action, Graham West
  2. Experienced chief executive appointed to head the National Council
  3. New President elected to lead the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council
  4. Society urges Morrison Government to tackle unfinished business
  5. The Cost of Education: A special project of Victoria’s Social Justice and Advocacy Committee, Margaret Gearon
  6. Church calls for a living wage for Australian families
  7. Vinnies Queensland celebrates 125 years, Joe Higgins
  8. Young people feel the full effect of economic disadvantage, Jacquelin Plummer
  9. The politics of charity and justice, Peter McNamara
  10. Open arms and hearts greet immersion program participants, Annemarie MacGinley
  11. Raising the Rate of Newstart
  12. World Youth Day – Panama 2019, Luke Brouwer
  13. Being Vincentian, Frank Brassil
  14. I don’t want slaves working for me, Sarah Puls SGS
  15. Refugee’s uncompromising exploration of humanity, Andy Hamilton SJ


Life Just after Death, Reg Naulty
Miracles, Andy Hamilton SJ
Notre Dame 2019, Jan Price
The Candle, Jim Clearly


Download The Record in PDF for offline reading.

The Record, Autumn/Winter 2019 (1.6MB)

The Record cover - coloured pencils at the bottom.

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