Spring 2020

Videos bring strategic plan to life

- Warwick Fulton

The National Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia launched its 2020-23 strategic plan in August this year.

Across five strategic goals and six long-term objectives the plan lays out a blueprint for the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia for the next three years, but it also sets the foundations for the next decade. The five priority areas are:

  • Our Spirituality and Membership
  • Our Advocacy
  • Our Governance and leadership working in a federated environment
  • Our Work together
  • the Sustainability of the Society in Australia in an ever-changing world

The National Council Secretariat has been working with the National President and other members of the Council to publicise the Strategic Plan. As part of that launch, we have produced a number of videos featuring our National President, Claire Victory. There are three different versions of the strategic plan videos – one long, one short, and one which includes a nod to Frederick Ozanam.

National Council Strategic Plan Videos

Four additional videos are also available, which focus on the National Council’s social policy priorities.

National Council Social Policy Videos

Ideally, the videos will be used in the onboarding of Council members, state and territory CEOs and executive staff and our Society members and volunteers.

They might also prove useful for your own planning days and for distribution to individual conferences for their local meetings.

They may be of interest to the public should there be capacity to show them in shops and service outlets on some video rotation basis.

While the essential work of individual conferences is necessarily focused on local communities, the videos provide context to help conference members better understand the organisation as a national entity.

Hopefully at some level these resources help to acknowledge the essential work of the Society in local communities, and the collective strength of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia as a national organisation. Sincere thanks are extended to those people at the state and territory levels who were able to provide additional breakaway footage which showcases our good works in these videos. ♦

Warwick Fulton is National Deputy President

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