Spring 2020

Presidents as Servant Leaders

Rule 3.11 Following Christ’s example, the Presidents at all levels of the Society endeavour to be servant leaders. They provide an encouraging atmosphere in which the talents, capacities and spiritual charisms of the members are identified, developed and put to the service of the poor and of the St Vincent de Paul Society. The president of the Conference or Council will have special responsibility for promoting Vincentian Spirituality.

The following information was collated by the National Council in 2014. It covers some of the key responsibilities, expectations and qualities of a Conference President. This information is not inclusive of everything, as each President will be required to respond to the individual needs of their Conference and the people with whom they serve. Conference Presidents play an important role in encouraging an atmosphere in which the talents and capacities of members are supported, and everyone is encouraged to contribute in meaningful ways.

In addition, the President will continually promote the responsibility of managing the Society resources with care and prudence within the spirit of generosity to help those in need. The President will also identify and respond to any issues that can cause harm, discomfort or risk to members and those we serve.

Skills and attributes

For the well-being and effectiveness of the conference, it is important the Conference President has the ability to:
• Positively and effectively communicate
• Create a welcoming and friendly environment
• Motivate and encourage others
• Delegate to other members
• Encourage reflection and faith development of the members
• Engage and work with a diverse group of people
• Respond to changing needs
• Ensure ethical and accountable decisions are made on behalf of the Society
• Ensure compliance regarding any legal or Society policies and procedures
• Encourage communication with other internal networks and external agencies where required
• Seek assistance and support from Society staff and members on human resources, financial, and administrative matters where required. ♦

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