Winter 2018

Prayer for Youth

The national Year of Youth is being held by the Catholic Church in 2018 and the following prayer is intended to mark this occasion. The St Vincent de Paul Society’s National Youth Team are continuing to mark the Year of Youth by incorporating this prayer and other reflections into their work for the Society.

Prayer for Youth

Year of Youth poster with Aboriginal Artwork.
Painted by Amunda Gorey. Copyright: Australian
Catholic Bishops Conference.

Come Holy Spirit of this Great Southland
Inspire our entire faith community,
as we prayerfully discern new horizons for spreading joy
in the lives and communities of the People of God.

Come Holy Spirit of Youth
Fill the hearts of young people with the hope and love of Jesus Christ;
enliven our community with the creativity, energy and joy of youth;
guide us together, as we strive to offer God’s mercy
to those who feel abandoned or outcast.

Come Holy Spirit of Faith
Empower our community to be courageous;
unite your people as witnesses of love.
Walk with us, as we blaze new trails of discipleship;
accompanying young people as we renew the Church together.

Come Holy Spirit of Vocation
Stir within young people an awareness of God’s call;
reveal to us the graces of young people;
guide us all, in finding our place and raising our voices
To build a civilisation of love.


Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Help of Christians, pray for us.
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, friend of the young, pray for us.


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