Autumn 2018

New spiritual guide released

Book cover: Image of a nun in the background. Title: The Strength of Mercy:  Four Weeks with Louise de MarillacSr. M. Veronika Häusler
The Strength of Mercy:
Four Weeks with Louise de Marillac
New City Press, 2018

This new book about Louise de Marillac is a short and compact exploration of the life and writings of the founder of the Daughters of Charity and friend of St Vincent de Paul.

The author, Sr. M. Veronika Häusler, is a Caritas theologian and spiritual director. As a Daughter of Charity, she vividly brings to us Louise’s life and her encouraging message for our own spiritual journey.

Louise (1591–1660) gained an education from a young age and went on to marry and have a son with a disability. Following her husband’s death from illness in 1625, she revisited her vocation sparked many years earlier as a girl. In 1624 or 1625, Louise met Vincent de Paul and he became her spiritual director and later accepted her collaboration in 1629. As Häusler writes, the Daughters of Charity was formed in 1633 and in 1642 Louise and four sisters took the vows of poverty, obedience, chastity, and service to the poor.

The introduction is devoted to the eventful life of Louise de Marillac; however, the subsequent chapters are far more religious in tone and will appeal to readers seeking not just historical facts but an interpretation of Louise’s spiritual writings.

The new book is described as a ‘four-week companion containing 4 x 7 daily reflections’. The volumes in New City Press’s “7 x 4” series include a meditation a day for four weeks, which the publisher calls ‘…a bit of food for thought, a reflection that lets a reader ponder the spiritual significance of each and every day. Small enough to slip into a purse or coat pocket, these books fit easily into everyday routines’.

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