Spring 2017

Preparation for National Congress 2017

Reflection six

Welcome to the sixth Reflection in the lead up to our fast-approaching 2017 National Congress. Over the last few weeks we’ve been asking you to ponder and share your thoughts and experiences regarding our current challenges, our mindset toward change, and how we might hold on to the dearest parts of our history and heritage as we embark on our journey further into the 21st Century as a Society. Your responses thus far have been incredibly insightful and we are looking forward to collaborating with you on these issues in the just a few short weeks.

On the Saturday afternoon of congress, we will be breaking out into teams to work together to come up with ideas and imaginings on the challenges and opportunities that face us as a Society today. Now, we’d like to share some of the key challenges that you’ve brought to our attention so far, and invite you to reflect on which are the nearest and dearest to you, and how you think we could face these challenges head on.

We are, of course, not expecting you to come up with the answers alone. For this reflection, we encourage you to talk with your fellow Vincentians, your Companions, your family, friends, and community, and be inspired by the perspectives and solutions they bring to the table.

Please share your thoughts and responses to the questions below via this link: https://mentallyfriendly. typeform.com/to/azLJxI

Out of the following challenges currently facing us as a Society, what do you feel most passionately about solving?

  1. Helping Companions change their circumstances by delivering on our ‘hand-up’ rather than a ‘hand-out’ promise
  2. The increasing costs of utilities and rent within the community
  3. Better networking with other organisations helping disadvantaged Australians
  4. The ‘corporatisation’ of the Society
  5. Improving youth engagement and increasingly ageing member base
  6. Developing greater openness to people who, despite potential differences, want to help us in our mission Visibility of the Society in relation to publicity and lobbying
  7. Other (please specify)

Thinking of your chosen challenge, how do you think that we as Vincentians can come together to solve this challenge?

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