Spring 2017

Exploring the notion of change

Reflection four

We invite you to reflect on the notion of change. The drive for positive social change is the energy that brings us together as Vincentians. Yet change can sometimes feel daunting and present itself in unwelcome ways.

In speaking with conference members, volunteers, staff and companions over the last few months, we have gained a very helpful insight about change in the Society. When, through our ministry, we are confronted with social reality, we often feel an even stronger and more passionate motivation for social justice and social change. However, along with this urge for change is the presence of friction in relation to the unfamiliar.

We are thrilled to welcome Professor Larissa Behrendt to address the 2017 National Congress with a clear-sighted view of difference, change and how these relate to social justice. The world is changing rapidly and we need to change with it: what is the future of how innovation and social impact relate? And how do we strike a balance between keeping up and not leaving anyone behind?

To help us further prepare for National Congress, we invite you to answer the below questions on your thoughts and experience with change in the Society as well as in your community. Please share your answers with us by following this link: https:// mentallyfriendly.typeform.com/to/ ZwKOjO

  1. What positive changes have you noticed or experienced in the Society or in your community over the beginning of the 21st Century?
  2. What changes have occurred in recent years in the Society or in your community that you have felt to have a negative impact? Why were these changes negative?
  3. How do you feel about the idea of future changes in the Society?
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