Autumn 2017

Society opposes scrapping of NAHA

The St Vincent de Paul Society strongly opposes the scrapping of the
$1.3 billion National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA). In Canberra alone, the money funds nearly 50 homelessness and domestic family violence services, the Society’s Canberra/ Goulburn CEO, Barnie van Wyk says.

Man and woman wearing SVDP blue caps.
Barnie van Wyk and his wife Annette, at a fundraising BBQ for the Society earlier this year.

The funding also goes towards the maintenance and repair of 11,000 public housing properties in the Nation’s capital.

‘In 2015-16 the Society provided support to 810 individuals and families, 33,973 bed nights and 44,145 meals for people who were experiencing or were at risk of experiencing homelessness,’ Mr van Wyk said.

‘Many people we support have gone through significant trauma, such as domestic and family violence, abuse, loss and addiction, and for many of these people, Vinnies is the last option.

‘We work with the most vulnerable and challenging members of our community and we do it because nobody else is there for them, and they deserve the love and support many of us take for granted.’

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