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National Presidents of the Society 1895-present

Portraits of six former National Presidents.
1. Louis Heydon; 2. Former National President John Mullen (hatless on the right) visiting Braidwood, NSW, in early 1940; 3. Brian Murnane; 4. Mick Smith; 5. Syd Tutton; 6. Tony Thornton.

Who were the National Presidents?

Louis Heydon was National President 1895–1918

John Mullen was National President 1918–1948

Henry Morrissey was National President 1948–1959

Heber Boland was National President 1959–1966

John Trew was National President 1966–1972

Ted Bacon was National President 1972–1976

John Morahan was National President 1976–1981

Eric Ellem was National President 1982–1986

Rupe Hudson was National President 1987–1991

Brian Murnane was National President 1992–1994

Mick Smith was National President 1995–1998

John Moore was National President 1998–2003

John Meahan was National President 2003–2008

Syd Tutton was National President 2008–2010

Tony Thornton was National President 2011–2015

Graham West has served as National President since 2015

Some quick facts

 Ministers in NSW Government Two: Louis Heydon, Graham West
 Cricket lovers At least two: Ted Bacon, Syd Tutton
 From Grafton, NSW Two: Henry Morrissey, John Trew
 Superannuation industry At least two: John Trew, Eric Ellem
 Accountants in Tax Office Two: Ted Bacon, John Morahan
 Accountants At least three: Ted Bacon, John Morahan, Syd Tutton
 Involved in car accidents At least four: Rupe Hudson, John Moore, Tony Thornton, Graham West
 Lawyers Two: Louis Heydon, Henry Morrissey
 Waverly parish Two: John Mullen, Henry Morrissey
 Joined at Lindfield parish Two: Heber Boland, John Trew
 From NSW 13
 Private enterprise, business Three: Heber Boland, John Moore, Syd Tutton
 Men 16
 Women Nil
 Sutherland Shire Two: Ted Bacon, John Morahan
 Engineers Two: Rupe Hudson, John Meahan
 Serious footballers Two: John Morahan, Rupe Hudson
 Military service Five: Ted Bacon, John Trew, Syd Tutton, Brian Murnane, Tony Thornton
 Public servants Two: Mick Smith, Tony Thornton
 Born overseas Two: John Meahan, Tony Thornton
 People named John Five: John Trew, John Meahan, John Morahan, John Moore, John Mullen
 Converts One: Tony Thornton
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